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Bear Hunting in Maine

Maine has a growing bear population estimated at around 26,000 animals. We have the highest bear density per square mile of all the lower 48 states. This population exits in the northern half of the state. We live in bear country. We specialized in bear hunting over bait. We limit our number of hunters to 10-12 per week for the four-week season, which runs the month of September.

We customize your hunt to match the weapon of your choice, bow, gun or muzzleloader. We have a very high success rate, with most hunters seeing multiple bear during their hunt. We escort you each day to and from your tree stand. We do all of the baiting and we guarantee active bait sites. This is a full service hunt.

Our tree stands are a 2-foot x 2-foot platform on top of a 14-foot ladder with a ratchet strap holding the stand to the tree. These stands are easy to get in and out of, comfortable and safe. We will also accommodate those hunters that prefer to be on the ground by building ground blinds.

We have taken several bears that have made the Pope & Young record book and the Maine Skull & Antler Club. Most of the bears taken, dress out 150-200 pounds and occasionally, bears are taken in the 300-400 pound range.

The cost of a bear hunt is $1,850.00 and includes Guide fee and seven nights in the lodge with meals. The only additional cost is your hunting license and butchering provided by a local shop.

DW & Rob & Rick and 440-lb dressed bear
Rob Claus took a new record bear for Northern Pride Lodge in 2005, that dressed 440 lbs. Pictured: Master Guide Wayne Plummer, Rob Claus, and Master Guide Rick Patten.

Licenses are available locally or online at

A valid hunting license or proof of hunter safety must be provided.

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